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Monday, March 8, 2010

Zedge.net is both a mobile content provider and social networking site. They specialize in making your phone as personalized as you want. The site offers several unique services and creative ways to make your mobile handsets cool. Currently, there are about 15 million members all over the world.

Zedge claims that their company name means ‘the coolest mobile community site ever’ because they are a totally free website. Downloading mobile content may have a couple of fees for some reason but Zedge promises that their membership is free. Their site will let you download ringtones, videos, wallpapers and themes directly to your pc of directly to your phone.

Downloading is limited to 30 items a day. Zedge does this scheme because of the allocation of bandwidth they pay each month.

Zedge promises to be an appealing site because of their huge collection of wallpapers, themes, ringtones and other mobile content. It also takes pride in its easy to navigate website. Not just available in the US but around the globe.


- 3 and a half million downloadable mobile content

- User friendly interface especially for first time users

- State of the art tools to create own mobile content

- Slow downloads

- Plenty of ads when playing games

- Some mobile content have viruses


Zedge is a very user friendly site which has cool tools to help you out create your own mobile content and tons of ringtone downloads. Very pleasing to first time users, the site is a free membership site which makes it popular not only in the UK but all over the world as well.

The website tends to be slowed down by its ads especially when you play games or download content. Some customers express how they get irritated by ads on the site. The games are free but then again when you play it downloads ads thereby slowing down download. Some themes after you have downloaded them are not compatible with your phone. There are some applications which have viruses in them which have infected a couple of computers already so be careful in downloading mobile games.

What makes this site appealing to users is the easy navigation of all the features it has. The creation tools are easy to understand and quick to do. They have wizards which will guide you to create a desired ringtone or a theme which can be a work of art. You need not be an artist or a computer techie to understand the hullabaloos of creating your own ringtone, wallpaper or theme. Its featured items showing the latest and most popular download, its preview of songs and videos make the site more pleasing to members.

All in all, the site has proven to be a very useful site for ringtone downloads. Personally, the site is tops in terms of simplicity of navigation. Zedge has that edge among other mobile content providers.

Customer Reviews:

Actual Unbiased feedback from customers:

“Zedge is good if you use it all the time i think its awsome all my friends use it now annoying cause i was the cool one”

“www.zedge.net has a good layout, stylish and diverse. The site has the potential to be the number one destination for all mobile users who wish to personalize their phones. However the frustration caused by “struggling’ to download items will only serve to drive users away. Slow response – can often be difficult to download or create content. You are forced to reload a page repeatedly to get a response from the servers. To many duplicate copies of the same item. Popular items like (animated) s …”

“My first ring tone WASNT free as far as I am concerned. I was charged £4. 50. I put £10 on today and they have just siphened off the rest of my balance of £6 odd as far as I am aware? Now I have no money left in my account, And I want it back! Therefore I do not recommend Zedge.no”


“Zedge has crashed my desktop and laptop. You upload what you want ! come on people think about it ! the site is targeted by every hacker on the planet ! (aleedsfella37). DO NOT USE ZEDGE if you value you pc.”

“i never register for this zedge.net,but its keep sms and and charged my prepaid.”

“Zedge is veri good”


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