Zedge - The Edge in Ringtone Downloads

Monday, March 8, 2010

Zedge.net is both a mobile content provider and social networking site. They specialize in making your phone as personalized as you want. The site offers several unique services and creative ways to make your mobile handsets cool. Currently, there are about 15 million members all over the world.

Zedge claims that their company name means ‘the coolest mobile community site ever’ because they are a totally free website. Downloading mobile content may have a couple of fees for some reason but Zedge promises that their membership is free. Their site will let you download ringtones, videos, wallpapers and themes directly to your pc of directly to your phone.

Malaysia: An Oriental Tourist's Haven and an Anthropologer's Delight!

Malaysia History:

Wikipedia, the encyclopedia says: "the history of Malaysia is a relatively recent offshoot of the history of the wider Malay-Indonesian world". It is so because anthropologists and historians could see very little aspects culturally and linguistically, to distinguish today's Malaysian territories from the lands of the Malay Archipelago. According to their research, today's division of the Malay world into six different states-- Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei and East Timor - is largely the result of external influences, like the Hindu India, the Islamic Middle East and Christian Europe (west), China and Japan (north-east). Besides, the most direct shipping route passing through the Strait of Malacca, Malaysia has naturally been a melting pot of trade routes and cultures. Thus, it has been found out that the geographical position of Malaysia has literally made it difficult for the Malay people to resist foreign influence and domination.